We are called the 12 Eternals, because like the angels, God made us to live forever; and He sent us to earth to help people overcome trouble. It's fun learning about us 'animals' in these responsive stories. In this story, as you repeat out-loud the words written in Blue/Red, you will learn 12 spiritual weapons in English/Spanish. Some say that there are no animals in heaven, but how do they explain the six-winged and eye-covered living creatures praising God at His throne in heaven? God loves all of His creations, including the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, but Jesus said: God loves and cares for you even more, and wants you to live with Him forever. There are over 6,700 different languages spoken on this earth; and in these books: The 12 Eternals will help teach your children a second language, English/Spanish, besides their own native tongue, while introducing them to God's Plan for their lives. Parents and teachers can easily substitute other languages from what is provided. While learning words in another language builds confidence in the cognitive abilities of children, the ultimate purpose of the 12 Eternals is to unite them with our loving God.

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