Set in modern day Turkey this is the true story of a woman who, after taking stock of her life, asked the proverbial question, "Is that all there is?" She had a devoted husband, a comfortable lifestyle in an upscale suburb of a Midwestern town, a bevy of close friends and a stellar career as an educator. She and her husband spent their holidays jetting around the world to exotic locations. She was respected and loved in her community. Yet, none of this was enough. In the midst of a crowded room, she felt alone. She was haunted by the fear that she was never good enough. She needed the constant rush of adrenaline that comes from living on the edge. After feeling that she had exhausted all of the possibilities that her Midwestern setting provided for this, she decided to accept a teaching position in southeastern Turkey and signed a two year contract. Little did she know that this decision would end up altering the course of her life forever . It describes in exquisite detail many of the startling differences she encountered as she attempted to assimilate into the Turkish culture It's a humorous, compelling, and heart-wrenching true story about one woman's struggle to finally find happiness and fulfillment.

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