Ricky started down the path, and then all of a sudden, he fell five feet down into a pit filled with snakes. Ricky screamed as the snakes started to circle him. The walls of the pit were too high for Ricky to escape. What should he do? As the howling of wolves and other strange noises fill the night air, Ricky Raccoon must venture into the Neverending Forest to find his parents. Nothing good has ever come out of the forest, and villagers never dare to go in---and if they do, they are never seen again. Join Ricky on his first adventure as he meets the queen of the forest, helping her on a special quest, and as he faces alligators, giant spiders, snakes, packs of wolves, and eventually the evil Lord Turmoil. Will Ricky manage to find his parents and save them? Will he ever be able to escape the Neverending Forest? The Adventures of Ricky Raccoon will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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