Any life worth living takes an equal amount of laughter and tears, and the sequel, Troubled Waters, has a healthy dose of both. Lili leaves the brownstone and her friends to travel to Sri Lanka with people she thinks she can trust. Shocking revelations and unexpected twists force Lili into conflict with her own potential. Different cultures connect and challenge everything she believed about herself. Ancient traditions and sacred rituals open a world for Lili that allows her to heal and ultimately discover the ancient power within her. With lives on the line, Lili is forced to trust her intuition before she is fully engaged as a Gifted. Frightening prophetic dreams, filled with rising water and constant gunfire, compel Lili to rely on those around her. Lili’s confidence grows as she is challenged to help a young dancer, but her confidence is short-lived as she comes face to face with her nemesis. With the intent to keep her friends safe, Lili puts her faith in an apparition. Lili Wentworth is the one keeping secrets now. Her choices keep Coleman Kavanagh in the dark and her life in peril. Trust is of the essence, and his mission is to gain hers.

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