The Developmental Relations among Mind, Brain and Education


This book serves a dual purpose: it is both a tribute to the legacy of Robbie Case, a great Developmental Psychologist who died prematurely in 2001, and it presents cutting edge research and theory that explores the developmental relations between mind, brain, and education, an emerging field that now has its own international society (IMBES) and its own Journal of Mind Brain and Education. The integration of research on the developmental relations between mind, brain and education is one that Robbie Case helped pioneer, and the chapters in this volume by his students and colleagues in areas as far-ranging as science education, parenting, bullying, and personal development show it to be extremely fruitful. The chapters in the volume are written in style make them accessible to teachers and students interested in relations between neuroscience, cognitive science, and education, and contain a wealth of detail that experts will find informative. We hope the volume will provide a resource that shows what has been accomplished and the exciting work that remains to be done in this emerging field studying the developmental relations between mind, brain, and education.

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