""... the driver of the blue BMW checked his watch. Then he smiled, raised his hands to the roof and screamed 'Allahu akbar!' An instant later the equivalent of one thousand tons of TNT detonated with a deafening roar."" ""... a deafening clap of thunder that seemed to be everywhere at once, and an earthquake struck with unbelievable violence that lasted but a moment. All around [David] saw streaks of light ascending to the clouds."" In The Disappearance, author John Jeffries reveals events and trends that have been thousands of years in the making. This heavily fact-based fiction (or 'faction') relies on sources that have proven completely accurate in every respect, to demonstrate a coming rapid slide of the United States through anarchy, to tyranny, and beyond. David Jamison, editor with the U.S. Weekly News magazine, is on a quest to discover the real reason for present and coming disasters. Jeffries takes the many potential explanations and disproves them to arrive at...

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