Upon moving to the town of Fuller Creek, Jesse feels the life he once knew is over. But from the moment he meets a spunky girl named Katie, he soon finds out the adventures have just begun. In the midst of a school assignment, Jess & Katie stumble upon a mystery which has been unsolved for over fifty years! With vicious rumors threatening to end their friendship, will they persevere and solve the mystery of Fuller Creek Mine? Grand Canyon Adventure: Miracle at Skelton Cove - As their seventh-grade year continues, Jess & Katie encounter some unexpected trials in their lives. As these events bring challenges into their friendship, so do the challenges that await them at the Grand Canyon. A mysterious girl..., the roaring rapids..., and the discovery of a hidden cave..., will bring about much more than they bargained for! Author Bio: David was born and raised in Southern California to a family of five. He writes in a variety of genres, with an emphasis of bringing forth uplifting messages in his storylines. His publishing credits include; The Christmas I'll Never Forget, a family book for all ages; The Plush Bear, a YA romance; The Fuller Creek Series, a middle-grade/teen series; and April Showers, a YA Novella. David is the father of one, and lives with his wife, Linda, in Yucca Valley, California. keywords: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Teen Romance, Youth, Teen, Christian Fiction, Guys, Girls

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