Russell Williams is a hard-drinking, unemployed computer analyst with no family and no prospects. But Williams has one thing going for him - his genotype. At the Trade Winds Lounge in scenic Daytona Beach, Florida, a stranger plants the notion in Williams' head that the key to all his problems is in his blood. Williams has no idea that he is being maneuvered by a group of power brokers who seek to toss him into the judicial ring to establish behavioral genetics as the newest, lucrative legal defense strategy of the decade. But when Williams is forced through an intersection during a high-speed chase that results in the death of several vacationers, he is charged with three counts of DUI Manslaughter. A firm of ambitious lawyers, and their unprecedented Genetics Defense, seems to be Williams' only hope of escaping death row. Only veteran homicide detective Ezra "Cane" McCoy suspects that there's more to the case than a DUI.

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