Our youth today are missing simple key values in life, words of encouragement, inspiration, and imagination. Hope for the future in our children knowing about the 'Power of faith,' just believe, that is the key to life, love, and victory. My goal and purpose is to touch the minds and hearts in people of all ages. The Greatest Father will instill the words 'I can' into the reader. 'I can do all things through my Lord and savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me.' Each individual on this earth has a purpose and destiny to fulfill. All you have to do is seek God first, ask and you'll receive, and God will open the windows of heaven and overflow you with blessings you couldn't contain. I live by strong faith and God's grace. 'Faith is the key.' You must have obedience to faith and grace. Jesus is Lord, he is the source of all my righteousness and strength, Who is, Who always was, Who is still to come, the 'Almighty one.' Amen!

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