With her diplomat father away on a mission, Lady Caroline Talcott must deliver vital government documents to London. But when her carriage is attacked, she is injured and forced to flee on foot. Her only option: hire her rescuer-the infamous Earl of Davenport-to escort her to Town while keeping her identity a secret.Impoverished, Davenport agrees to being hired by the mysterious lady and quickly discovers the headstrong hellion will make him earn his wages.As the pair are pursued across England by a cunning enemy, fiery clashes turn into mutual respect... quickly followed by the greatest danger of all.INTREPID HEROINES SERIES, in orderCode of HonorThe Hired HeroA Stroke of LuckPistols at DawnSCANDALOUS SECRETS SERIES, in orderThe Banished BrideLady of LettersThe Major's MistakeLESSONS IN LOVE, in series orderThe Defiant GovernessSecond ChancesThe Storybook Hero

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