From cloud to puddle, and puddle to stream, the Little Raindrop is making its way on the remarkable journey that is Earth’s water cycle. In this inviting story—illustrated with pastels for a soft, full color—readers are taught about science and nature through a character driven narrative that leads a little raindrop on a big adventure. With an easy to follow plot that teaches precipitation, water flow, and evaporation, The Little Raindrop offers a sweet story full of learning and discovery.Featuring a heartwarming adventure from author Joanna Gray, and beautiful pastel illustrations by Dubravka Kolanovic, The Little Raindrop takes readers on a fun and educational ride through the water cycle.This is a wonderful introduction for children ages 3 to 6 about the water cycle. They will instantly connect with the cute, smiling little raindrop as it starts its journey in the clouds. The author gives wonderful, age-appropriate explanations and details about the raindrop's journey from air to pond to stream to ocean and back into the air again, making this a wonderful first introduction to science for preschoolers. Parents will appreciate the educational value of the book, as will early educational teachers. This is the type of picture book Scholastic Book Clubs and Fairs are wanting and so it should definitely have a great reception in the school and library market, as well as the general trade.

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