The Luster of Everyday Things: pictures & poetry celebrating life's small treasures & simple pleasures


Do you really value the objects around you or are they just "things" to you? The premise of this book is that part of the pleasure of life-contentment that we can cultivate no matter how much or how little we have-comes from the conscious appreciation of the beauty and the significance of everyday things. Through photographs and poems, the author takes you on a voyage of discovery through the world around you. You are shown, sometimes playfully and sometimes profoundly, that even the simplest of things-a shirt and tie, a kitchen colander, a closed door, or a blue butterfly-can have a shining beauty, secret story, and surprising meaning. Along the way, you are gently reminded that such objects deserve to be "warmed with much handling" and gazed upon with pleasure and gratitude as the tiny treasures they are.

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