Mac Thornsby grew up on the streets. He's used to doing anything to survive, but homicide? That's outside his comfort zone. However, Mac is soon the prime suspect in a murder investigation after he is discovered, unconscious, at the scene of the bloody crime. Jim MacDonald, a deputy district attorney, is assigned the case, along with seasoned homicide detective George Westbend. But Mac's guilt is quickly called into question when additional dead bodies turn up. All the victims appear to be connected to local mob boss, Manicelli, and Weatherford, the city's most prominent, and possibly dirty, businessman. As Jim digs deeper, he becomes personally involved when a dead woman, believed to be an undercover agent, is found in his bed. Not only is the integrity of the murder investigation out the window, but so is the respectability of the district attorney's office. Apparently, the murdered woman had evidence against Manicelli and Weatherford, so someone decided to shut her up. Jim soon finds himself pursued by Manicelli, who suspects Jim might have the missing evidence against him. With the help of an ex-CIA agent, Jim must find the truth against the mob and all those involved. Otherwise, his reputation could be forever tarnished, or worse-he could end up the next victim.

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