Alistair Montgomery grew up in an emotionally distant household. All he has ever wanted in life has been love, true love. For two long years, he lived thinking he had found his true love with Ashley, a lovely girl as emotionally damaged as he is, in his quaint little hometown. His entire mindset is changed when he is exiled from his hometown to a private school by his overbearing mother. At this new school, Alistair meets the lovely Alexandra, a new and exciting girl that makes him question whether he's really in love with Ashley. To acquire the storybook romance that he's always desired, he must make choices involving his two loves and an ensemble of zany characters that make and break classic stereotypes. The only real question in this novel is if Alistair will ever get the happily ever after he's fought for his entire life or will he ruin his life along with the lives of those around him in pursuit of an empty dream?

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