It is just an ordinary day for an "ordinary" postman, or is it? Percy the Postman just can't stop himself from sticking his enormous nose into other people's affairs. Intrigued by the mysterious behavior of his next-door neighbor, Graham, and curious as to what he may be hiding, Percy lets his curiosity get the better of him and stumbles across a deadly secret that changes his life forever and nearly kills him in the process. The situation spirals out of control with one hair-raising adventure after another. There are many suspense-filled, madcap exploits and hilarious moments as a frantic search is mounted to first locate Percy's whereabouts and then to turn this loveable buffoon into a human again. Join Percy, his neighbor Graham, and Graham's two adorable children, Chelsea and Liam, and immerse yourself in this crazy fantasy of time travel, a poignant blast from the past, and a magical transformation. A compulsive page-turner with some excellent characters and a brilliantly imaginative story!

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