The Purpose of Jesus: A Biblical Man or Interpreted Myth: Decoding the Parallels of Biblical Jesus and Revolutionary Gospels


The Purpose of Jesus: A Biblical Man or Interpreted Myth will educate and enlighten people on the different Myth legends that are comparable to the Jesus story presented in the Christian Bible (New Testament) and how his mission of liberating oppressed people could be viewed as great as the traditional pious Jesus story. The author carefully doesn't dismiss nor condemn the myth components of the traditional Jesus story; rather he allows the reader to see other myth stories side by side. This aids the reader to the conclusion that if the myth components of Jesus are not unique to his story only or potentially not true, what is Jesus' purpose? At that point the reader is able to see Jesus' liberation mission and is able to understand the true implication of "carrying your cross" rather than the misinterpreted explanation by contemporary religious officials. This book re-examines the English translation of the Synoptic Gospels in the Christian Bible by putting it in its proper historical context. While the divinity of Jesus is debatable, the position that is presented will show the human element with a message of liberation that has transcended throughout time.

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