Although he is only a novice poet, Gordon Bois has written extensively for more than a decade but regretfully, being his own worst critic, he destroyed more than four hundred poems, the bulk of his work, in the fall of 2001. Encouraged by his professors and peers, Bois started to write once more during the winter months of 2002. Bois shares his collection of more than three hundred poems in The Revolving Door divided into five sections: The Light Side, where he discusses his loves gained and loves lost; Off The Cuff, which is full of many free flowing ideas; Short Shorts, filled with short descriptive sentences of key words; Fairy Tales, which is about wanting more in life and The Dark Side, that delves into withdrawal and tough times. Thankfully, Bois finds himself fueled once again to write, having made a promise to himself and others that he would resume writing more extensively and not be so critical of his work. This time, Bois wants to share his poetic style with others and be part of the writing culture, something he has denied himself for so long.

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