CAN YOU EVER BE SURE YOU'RE MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION? Should you stay in a comfy job with little chance of advancement-or take a riskier one in which you could make lots of money but also wind up on the street? Should you listen to a doctor who advises surgery-or trust another who tells you to wait and see if your condition improves? Should you remain in a cozy relationship without much spark-or cut your losses and search for your soul mate? Is there ever a “right” decision? Professor James Stein would argue yes, and in this provocative new book, he shows you how to apply the mathematical principles of Decision Theory to every aspect of your life. Ingeniously blending statistics, probability, game theory, economics, and even philosophy, this dynamic new approach to decision making can help you choose a new career path, buy a better home, even pick the perfect mate. With The Right Decision, you can't go wrong. INCLUDES ENTERTAINING INTERACTIVE QUIZZES TO HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION EVERY TIME!

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