The G-spot: every woman has one. Knowing more about your pleasure center will open new worlds for erotic exploration. Famed sex educator and best-selling author Violet Blue shows you how to unleash your own orgasmic superpower using the techniques in this book. The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot will lead you to thrilling new sensations and earth-shaking, bed-breaking, gale-force climaxes! • Introduce G-spot play into your sexual repertoire • Teach your partner to best stimulate your G-spot • A clear, illustrated guide to women’s anatomy • Advanced positions and techniques—including ejaculation • Techniques for building trust and talking about your desires • Toys, fantasy and power play • A complete guide to helpful resources—videos, podcasts, books, blogs and websites • PLUS... hot, orgasmic stories by bestselling erotica author Alison Tyler

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