This is the second edition of the THANKS series-Therapeutic Healing And Nurturing Kid's Stories. The book consists of four stories all dealing with depression in some way. All the stories are designed to help children deal in a variety of ways with the challenges of depression as it may touch their lives. All the stories are written in poetry and are easy to listen to. Story 1: "The Little Princess" is about a child coping with depression in a family situation. Many practical solutions are offered throughout the story, and-like all fairy tales- goodness prevails at the end. Story 2: "A Koala Called Jody" is a story all about helping others and what a good feeling that creates within. Story 3: "The Magic Fig Tree" is about finding places around us that 'make our heart sing' or 'soothe the soul' in such a way that we feel good just being present in that particular place. Story 4: "My Brother Goes To Heaven" deals with suicide. The story is seen through the eyes of a dingo, and even though this is a very sensitive topic, the messages in the story are very gentle, subtle, and clear. If a child has never gone through this adversity, this would just be a very simple story.

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