All of you have probably encountered the Voice, the voice inside your head. The one that says Yay and the other that says Nay. The one that tells you, You Can't when you know You Can. Or the one that tries to disrupt your daily activities by filling your every thought with negativity. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if that Voice never stopped talking? Well, this is the Voice the author so candidly talks about. She describes it like listening to your favorite talk show-hosts who never shuts up, sort of like the ladies on The View or Kathy Lee and Hoda. The only difference is she could not turn the channel or turn off the tube to silence the Voice. This book is based on true events as the author remembers. Most of the events are written sequentially. Others skipped around in hope to make the events more interesting. Any similarities are based entirely upon similar experiences as the author shares her story.

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