Every person faces one or more setbacks in his or her life. Not every person who has a setback takes a step forward to recover or move ahead. What many refer to as devastating events, monumental losses, and excruciating trials can occur totally apart from your desire or intention. A step forward to recover from a setback takes a willful act of courage. Sometimes we feel that we are immune to heartache, trouble, disappointment, or failure. However, we all at some point discover that we are susceptible to the attacks and contrivances of contrary spirits and evil men. We also discover that we are fully capable of making bad choices and decisions completely on our own. Regardless, an experience isn't exclusive to the actions and events you endure and encounter, but rather what you do with what happens to you during your experience. I am here to tell you that no matter what your experience is, you can recover! You can regain your balancer! You can renew your vision! You can rebuild your life! I know. I have been there.

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