The Windmills (Los Molinos): ...and other Selected Translated Poetry, of: Juan Parra del Riego


Juan Parra del Riego (King of the Peruvian Poets) his poetry describes and interweaves the thorny parts of his life with love, tenderness, rowdiness, hunger, restlessness, and compassion. The master of Polirritmo in the time of Modernism in poetry. He lived only until his 31st Birthday. Born in Huancayo, Peru, he moved to Uruguay, where he started his own movement, married Blanca Luz Brum, whom he had one child with. A first time translation of a Great poet. Included in the book are, four complimentary poems by other poets; and tributes by the author, for Juan Parra del Riego. The book has been a seventeen-month project by the author and his wife. From one of the top 100-reviewers, at Amazon Books, International (largest bookseller in the world), by Robert C. Ross, the list author says (reference to the book: "Peruvian Poems"): "Dennis L. Siluk is enormously prolific and very well travelled...." The poems are based on places and experiences in Peru, written in both English and Spanish, and provide a fascinating backdrop in preparation for a trip to Peru." (1-1-2009) Also this book was shown on National Television by Cesar Hildebrandt, considered '...a very important book for Peruvian Culture.'

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