Artists throughout the ages, from Dali to Proust, have taken their talents to exposing time; here is theNewerYork's attempt. The stories in this collection of experimental short-fiction, in one way or another, deal with loss, youth, death, joy, tradition, technology, and the generally evasive enigma that we call time. It's not as obtuse as it sounds, it's just a good read when you've got limited time. Short-narratives for you to jump in and out of. This is a custom, beautiful e-book with color art and design like you've never seen on your e-reader. Writers include Heiko Julien, Gideon Nachman, Jeremy Blachman, and Christine Gosnay. Artists include Thoka Maer, Dmitry Borshch, David de las Heras, on and, our man, Paul Richard. Read the full list of contributors here. This project was funded on Kickstarter. Some of the narratives and short-fictions in this book include: rejected submissions to a baby names book, a list of ways the Catholic Church is Appealing to youth, a time traveling epistolary, fictional definitions, unfamous quotes, a Shakespearean sonnet in morse code, and a standardized test. The writers and artists come from from all over the world; the book is submissions based.

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