A DISTURBING TALE OF WALL STREET'S LUNATIC FRINGE.Sandra Martini thought she had it all: fulfilling career, storybook marriage, two loving children and lots of country least until husband Victor, after a chance meeting with Franklin Ryman, a wealthy but "tarnished" member of Wall Street's elite, became smitten with the notion of becoming filthy rich at the tender age of 37. With Ryman's assurances that no experience was necessary to become a Wall Street zillionaire, This Little Piggy waved goodbye to a noteworthy business career and co-launched a morally questionable IPO Initial Public Offering). Reluctantly, Sandra agreed to join the "love of her life" a breathtaking roller-coaster ride through the seamy side of Wall Street. A world that investment professionals deny exists (wink, wink); a world where the primary ethic is gray, and the only color that matters is green. In the end, Victor and Sandra are left with a series of choices...none of which are particularly attractive.

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