This book provides an in-depth analysis of tropical cyclones in the South Pacific, discussing both the characteristics and behaviors of tropical cyclones, and the impacts these storms have on island physical geography and landscape change. The second half of the book presents a whole field of important, new insight. A thorough examination of the links between climate and landscape are analyzed through detailed case studies based on 10 years of original research showing the importance of tropical cyclones for island physical environments, by triggering enormous responses in e.g. river systems, slope processes, coastlines, and even island formation and/or destruction. A focus on the Pacific and the Pacific Islands cyclones is vital since a major area for research in climate change and climate extremes is located within this region. The South Pacific is one of the most important areas and factors of El Nino. It is the center of attention for climate change issues, such as ocean warming and sea level rise. As such, this book is an important and valuable addition to the existing literature on climate change.

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