INCLUDED WITH THIS EBOOK: 25 MINUTE RELAXATION & 15 MINUTE VISUALIZATION DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO PROGRAM. Most of us have an idea in our minds, a vision we carry of the person we want to be and how we want to feel in our lives. When asked: &quote;What do you want?&quote; we often say we don't know. Our brains search for what specifically would help us bridge the gap from now to our vision. In our minds we wish it were a car, a house, a relationship, more money. In our hearts we know it's none of those. This little book is about what it is, this bridge from now to the version of ourselves we most long to become. You will: Get honest about what you really do want in your life. Let go of what you know you don't. Face your fears with a courageous heart. Feel more confident and clear about what's next for you. Take the first inspired steps towards the you, you secretly long to become. This little book will give you some tools, ideas, inspiration, and reminders that you can use to move through your struggle and arrive at the good stuff a little sooner. You'll find that you believe more in what you are capable of. Maybe you'll see yourself as even more courageous, beautiful, generous, caring, loving, loyal, and resourceful than you realized. Maybe you'll end up doing something new and different as a result.

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