For nearly 25 years, Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune has been reviewing all parts of the popular music world: from indie up-and-comers and underground hip-hop artists to arena-filling rock-and-rollers and celebrity pop superstars. Turn It Up: A Guided Tour Through the Worlds of Pop, Rock, Rap and More is the first-ever collection of Kot's Tribune articles, covering the years of 2000–2013. Beyond informative and entertaining features, concert recaps, and album reviews, Turn It Up covers major issues associated with music and the music industry since the turn of the millennium. Kot delves deeply into issues that matter regarding the essential acts of the 21st century, the business of music as a whole, and the Chicago music scene in particular. With chapters grouped by genre—pop, rock, and rap—and a catch-all final chapter containing insights on digital music, record labels, and the evolving "music biz," Turn It Up is an easy-to-follow guide to where the music world has come from and where it is going. Kot's deep knowledge of the subject matter and unpretentious writing will make this a fascinating read for his longtime local fans, as well as music lovers far and wide.

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