A collection of poems and short stories about various subjects that were of interest to me. I had the contents of the book in my head for several years. And when I had prostate cancer I was very depressed and writing was a form of relief. I had a grandson who was going in the navy and two small granddaughters who were fussing all the time. My plan was to write to the older granddaughter and tell her to be nice. Then halfway through my letter I thought "Why would a granddaughter of three years old listen to her grandpa who was seventy years old?" And I was not in her home at that time to tell her to be nice to her little sister. So my first story was the fuzzy brown bear. There were six of us boys and two girls in my family and my mom called me little rascal. I used these facts in my story. Then I wrote other stories and some poems. I did not study writing but the words in this book are from my heart. The contents of the book were floating in my heard for a long time.

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