Uncle John takes the nation by storm in this hip new e-book of Bathroom Reader classics and some brand-new articles! Fads & Flops is overflowing with stories of unlikely successes and colossal failures. So whether you were weaned on bell bottoms, parachute pants, baggy pants, or skinny jeans, you’ll find the one thing that never goes out of style: great bathroom reading! Read about…-The world’s stupidest business decisions-Playing real-life Pac-Man on the streets of New York City-From flop to fad: The Rocky Horror Picture Show-The ups and downs of the trampoline-Le Car and other le-mons-Turtles, Transformers, and Power Rangers-Shaky Etch-A-Sketch moments-What the backward messages in rock songs really mean-Dot BombsAnd much, much more!

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