The ancient Greeks had Zeus; today we have the Burger King…king. In Modern Mythology, you’ll meet the world’s most fascinating heroes, villains, and corporate spokesthingies. Featuring Bathroom Reader classics plus a few new treasures, you’ll discover truths and untruths, and learn the real stories behind some of today’s tallest tales. So sit back and let Uncle John take you on an epic journey of modern make-believe! Immerse yourself in…-Gnomes in the gnews-The Whopperknocker, Whirling Whumpus, and other cousins of Sasquatch-Ronald McDonald’s relentless rise to the top-On tour with Paul Bunyan-5 Movies that mythed the point-Who was Kilroy, and why was he here?-Common misconceptions that refuse to go away-Urban Legends that turned out to be true-The secret of the Loch Ness Monster finally explained…and much, much more!

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