Unleash the System On Chip using FPGAs and Handel C is an attempt to empower the design community by delivering the know-how developed by the authors with their vast experience in VLSI design. The book effectively showcases carving of SoC through (1) Concept to Product approach, (2) C based methodology at higher level of abstraction, (3) Bottom up & design reuse philosophy, (4) Edifying with the soft IP cores in Handel C, (5) Pragmatic approach to bridge the gap between design metrics, (6) Synergical approach for combining reconfiguration of FPGAs with soft IP cores, (7) Partial reconfiguration, concurrent hardware software SoC realization through Xilinx EDK, (8) Network on Chip, (9) Co-simulation & integration of third party tools, (10) Development of interesting case studies such as fuzzy logic controllers, arithmetic on chip etc., (11) Cores for control system using picoblaze, (12) Actual screeshots & step by step design flow. 35 Handel C cores, 7 chapters & 128 selected references will facilitate in getting acquainted with innovative design methodologies of building the SoCs & opens a new door of research and development & infinite set of futures in this ever-growing technology of this century.

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