Vintage flair isnt just classy and cute; its fun to create and perfect for any budget! So let your creativity run wild on trips to the flea market, and dont back down from that deal at the yard sale. With Vintage Crafts, use paper scraps, teacups, and a splash of paint to decorate your house room by room.More than just a craft book, Vintage Crafts features recipes fresh from the countryside, lessons for safe and easy outdoor improvement, and tips for keeping your house eco-friendly. This is the ultimate home decor resource from Swedens number one lifestyle blogger, Clara Lidstrm. Learn to liven up secondhand clothes, turn old fabrics into patchwork projects, and interject some 50s-era chic into your thrift store finds.Elegant, old-style country projects include:Champagne box bookshelvesWallpapering with mapsSilhouette framesBaby shoe flower plantersBark and twig lanternsAnd so much more to make with your two hands and flea market bargains!So look around: if your house is full of scraps and never-used knickknacks, turn them into something beautiful, useful, and made by you! With Vintage Crafts at your crafting table, your hands will never be idle again!

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