[M]ost of the conjecture braided throughout Bautz's text appears to be level-headed and evidence-based... it is a compelling and well-researched examination of workplace safety laws. - Kirkus Reviews March 27, 2011: Dean Bautz's birthday. When Sheila's husband, Dean, dies while seismic drilling in Alberta, she writes her favorite quote on a sticky note and tapes it on her desk:Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. - Albert Einstein. Walking The Cutline When Companies Kill, A Memoir is the true account of a small town woman's determination to seek justice for her late husband's work-place fatality. As Sheila submerges deeper into a world of lies and political injustice for profit, her suspicions about the real cause of Dean's death escalates as she attains conflicting and questionable information from all agencies involved - including Occupational Health and Safety. Against various opposition and advice to &quote;just let it go&quote; and surrender, Sheila stubbornly persists for nearly four years, piecing together what really happened. Ultimately, she uncovers a concrete document deemed impossible to attain - the smoking gun. However, Canadian laws prove to be the ultimate obstacle in Sheila's pursuit to seek justice in a country silent about exposing what really happens when companies kill.

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