Almost forty years after returning to the United States from Vietnam, journalist Thomas Bleming decides to journey to Southeast Asia to report on a little known but long-lasting war that has been raging between the Myanmar military and the Karen people since 1949. Bleming expects to be in and out in a matter of weeks, as he only wants to take some photos for a book that he's writing on the Karen National Liberation Army. But once inside rebel-occupied Myanmar, he finds himself drawn into the struggle waged by the indigenous people. Bleming takes up arms and volunteers to fight the Karen people's enemy, The Burmese Army. What started off as a trip to satisfy his curiosity ends with Bleming fighting for his life and the freedom of the Karen people. Along the way, he makes new friends and earns a top post in the Karen National Union, eventually becoming a full-fledged member of the Karen National Liberation Army. Journey to places where no Westerner has been before and learn about Bleming's mission to help an oppressed people that have been at war for nearly sixty years in War in Karen Country.

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