Sequel to Warrior's Apprentice. Firefighter Elijah Denton has a secret-he can move things with the power of his mind. His hidden ability has made him the hero of his local fire department but the gift comes with a dark side. A disturbing visitor threatens to expose Elijah unless he helps to defeat the Dvalinn, a race of underground dwellers who pose a threat to humanity. But when he is trapped by a thermo-magnetic storm with Eora and Nieko, his supposed enemies, the attraction is immediate. They embark on a passionate mixed ménage that calls into question everything the three of them have believed. Nieko has secrets of his own. Although the Dvalinn do not accept the concept of romantic love and punish any reference to it, Nieko loves Eora for her spirit and curiosity. His feelings for Elijah are growing as well. The trio must fight to keep their people safe-humans and Dvalinn-as they struggle for a way to make their love work. A Romantica® science fiction erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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