Many people dream of getting away from the ratrace and live in the beautiful Australian Bush. The birds' melodies make music to do hard, physical work by and the peace unforgettable. Such was the life of Coral and her family living off the land and working without the modern appliances which electricity bring. Can you imagine the country children going to a big city and pulling a piece of string hanging from the ceiling. Imagine their eyes as a light came on. Forget like saucers, more like dinner plates. Just the thought of no power is inconceivable to many, but they knew nothing else. Their many exploits, like trapping rabbits, getting the wood in for hungry wood stoves and the rare trip to the nearest town in a car which required that they had umbrellas up inside to keep off the rain. The excitement of the rabbit drive with all neighbours joining in making as much noise as possible. The shearing of the sheep and droving them many miles with their own idiosyncrasies is a real laugh as are the tricks of the witty, dry humoured, much loved father. A happy loving family.

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