The power of stories to change minds, hearts and lives is well-known and has been for generations. Every society has their stories; every culture has their protagonists who scamper, struggle, laugh and cry. Each of these fictional beings has something to teach us, if we're ready to listen. Storytelling is quick, powerful, free, natural, refreshing; entertaining, moving, memorable and authentic. Stories help us make sense of the world and our place in it. A story is something that comes from outside. But the meaning is something that emerges from within. When a story reaches our hearts with deep meaning, it takes hold of us. Once it does so, we can let it go, and yet it remains with us. We do not weary of this experience. Once we have had one story, we are ready for another. Why? It's simple: because a good story can transmit the essential magic of connectedness between the self and the universe. Through stories, especially those passed down through the generations, we can let go the need to control and the fear that goes with it; learning that the world has the capacity to organize itself, as well as truly celebrating the complexity of living. Are you ready? Settle in for some stories and my insights on the lessons held within each. There are also exercises you can engage in to broaden the impact of these powerful tales.

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