Where is a womans place in the mob? Does she even have one? Is the rise in womens involvement in organized crime the darker side of their increased presence in the legitimate workplace, or simply a reworking of the mafias traditional male attitudes cloaked in the guise of womens emancipation? The insightful essays in Women and the Mafia seek to answer these questions from a wide range of academic disciplines and trace the portrait of women tied to organized crime in Italy and around the world. This book pulls back the code of silence and shines a light on the dark image of women entangled in organized crime. The surprising first hand accounts of mafia women in Italy not only reveal women in power, 'generals in skirts', but also tales of severe abuse and violence against women. The book introduces us to the professional women of the Argentine 'mafia state', Albanian human traffickers, spies for the Russian mob, runners for Brazilian numbers rackets, and the mystique of the American gangster moll.

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