Driven by a hate for Satan and love for people, Wounded Christian-Holy God was birthed. I suffered much sexual abuse as a child by numerous men, which sent me on a whirlwind of self-destructive behavior that actually drove me from the God I loved. Not only did I suffer the physical and mental abuse, but soon my abuse turned spiritual. Satan's hate for me started to manifest in my life in my later years, once he could not get to me through the flesh of men. He visited me in my physical world. These constant attacks led me on a journey in restoration that would lead to Satan's doom, not only in my life but in the lives of those who would read this book. Restoration and truth start here. Please let me teach you what was taught to me by the Holy Spirit Himself so that we can walk in real freedom from our past hurts and defeat Satan on every level, even to a thousand generations as promised in the word of God. Healing begins here!

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