Are you a parent writer who has always wanted to learn the ins and outs of writing for regional parenting publications?If so, look no further! Write For Regional Parenting Publications For Fun & Profit is a step-by-step guide for any-level writer covering the basic steps of writing for and profiting from regional parenting publications. Writers who read this book will gain: An overview of how writing for and earning from regional parenting publications works Complete how-to instructions for writing for and mass-submitting to regional parenting publications Insights into what sets successful RPP writers apart from those who don't succeed A clear understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a writing business A better understanding of what professional writing looks like in day-to-day terms A whole new respect for hardworking parent writersWritten expressly for busy parents, this e-book guide is written in short, instructional chapters like a mini-workbook. Readers who follow the advice in this e-book will find themselves successfully writing and submitting articles to regional parenting publication editors in a professional manner. Write for Regional Parenting Publications For Fun & Profit is brought to you by Christina Katz, a champion of mom writers, who also wrote Writer Mama, Author Mama, Get Known Before The Book Deal and The Writer's Workout. Over the past decade, Katz has helped thousands of writers take their writing careers to the next level. She is widely known as a pioneer on writer and author platform, and for her popular Writer's Digest magazine article, &quote;50 Simple Ways To Build Your Platform In 5 Minutes A Day.&quote; Her writing career tips and parenting advice appear regularly in national, regional, online publications, and in her blog.

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