"Let's put aside any false humility or pride," author John Snyder says, "and come before God with boldness, asking for the moon." He reminds us that the Bible says we are to ask and then ask again. Over and over. Day in. Day out.When the need is so great, so seemingly impossible that only God's direct intervention will ever bring it about, it takes a different kind of prayer. Your 100 Day Prayer is designed to take you straight to the heart and will of God by seeking him for a specific need. This book includes:A dedicated page to express your need before God on the day you start your 100 day of prayer,100 entries to help you focus your prayer through the truth of God's Word and character,Leading prayers to give you a jump start,Writing space to capture your conversations with the Father and the spiritual transformation you experience day by day, andA concluding page to memorialize how God answered your prayer and transformed you through the process.Your 100 Day Prayer will help you access the power of sustained petitioning prayer. You will find advice and encouragement for pleading one specific need. And you will discover that God does respond.A powerful witness to the place of prayer in the Christian life with a user friendly daily discipline to introduce you to it. Highly recommended.-Thomas W. Gillespie, President Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary,New JerseyThe concept of Your 100 Days of Prayer is inspired, andcan only accomplish great things for our nation and the Kingdom of God if we'llall cooperate and implement it. The Lord is waiting to see if we have thecourage and the desire. He is able.-Pat Boone, singer, actor, producer, author, andmotivational speaker Conversing with our Father in prayer is critical tospiritual growth.In Your 100 Day Prayer, John Snyder provides verypractical and diverse meditations that will most certainly enhance the reader'sprayer life and set the tone for daily living that is focused on God.-Rick Dempsey, Sr. Vice President, The Walt DisneyStudiosIn today's Internet age ofinstant gratification, it's all too easy for Christians to "want itnow" and expect the Lord to instantly honor Matthew 7:7: "Ask and itwill be given to you . . ." John Snyder's excellent book provides abeautiful pathway to journal our 100 days of focused prayer as we aretransformed in the process. -David Pack,Saddleback Church/ Orange County, Calif. Grammy winning Recording Artist &Music ProducerIn this 100 day pilgrimage, Dr. Snyder has woven four great Christian traditions together-daily scripturereading, devotional insight, prayer, and journaling. You cannot practice thesedisciplines faithfully and emerge unchanged. I think that you will find whenthe journey has ended, that God has been your guide and your destination." -Dr. Ed Ewart, MOO Church, Mission Viejo, CAIf you already enjoy a daily, satisfying prayer life,don't read this book. But if you're looking for something to stimulate you tobecome more faithful and systematic, John Snyder's Your 100 Day Prayeroffers you an opportunity to focus on talking to God daily and making it anongoing habit.-Cecil Murphey, author or co-author of more than 100books including 90 Minutes in Heaven and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story John Snyder has taken a chapter out of his own life andmade it available to all of us...Your 100 Day Prayer is an incrediblypractical and powerful tool for any individual or family who desires to developand strengthen their prayer life. -Matt Kees, Director, Christian Musician Summitconferences, and Music ProducerWhen you're faced with a mountain you can't climb alone,you need more than friendly advice! In this amazing and transforming book, JohnSnyder takes you on a life-changing journey through 100 days of personal prayeras you follow Jesus' command to ask, seek, and knock. Whether you have aspecial need or you want a more consistent, meaningful prayer time withGod,Your 100 Day Prayergivesyou daily practical guidance, hope, and encouragement. This is definitely amust-read for ALL Christians!!-Gregg Bissonette, Grammy winning musician, drummer

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